Jain Stotra – PuchhiSunam – Written by Shri Sudharma Swami श्री वीर स्तुति (वीरथुइ) ‘ पुच्छिसुं ण’  अथवा ‘वीरथुइ’ के नाम से जैन जगत में प्रसिद यह महावीर स्तुति बड़े ही आदर एवं श्रद्धा के साथ साधकों द्वारा गायी जाती है, स्वाध्याय रूप भी गुनगुनाई जाती है। प्रस्तुत स्तुति ‘सूत्रकृतांग सूत्र’ के प्रथम श्रुतस्कंध के छठे अध्ययन से ली गायी है। सूत्रकृतांग सूत्र कालिक सूत्र होने से इस स्तुति का स्वाध्याय भी ३४ अस्वाध्याय टालकर दिन-रात्रि के प्रथम एवं अंतिम प्रहार में ही करना चाहिये। वीर स्तुति में कुल २९ गाथाएँ हैं जिनकी प्रथम व द्वितीय गाथा में जम्बूस्वामी द्वारा भगवान महावीर के बारे मेंRead More →

Hongkong Trip with Disney Land and Macau day trip/Ocean Park   Visa – Pre-arrival registration for Indians – http://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/services/visas/pre-arrival_registration_for_indian_nationals.html DisneyLand prices – https://www.hongkongdisneyland.com/tickets/ OceanPark prices – https://www.oceanpark.com.hk/en/tickets-and-offers/buy-tickets City tour Hop on Hop off prices – https://www.bigbustours.com/en/hong-kong/hong-kong-routes-and-tour-maps/ Day tour to Macau prices – https://www.city-discovery.com/hong-kong/tour.php?id=651 Detailed Iternary Day1: Check-in to Hotel and relax Day2: City Tour  (500 INR per person) Enjoy 01 Way Peak Tram ride, panoramic view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak, Visit the Jewellery Factory, the scenic coastal beauty of Repulse Bay. Aberdeen Fishing Village. Day3: Day tour to Disney Land (5000 INR per person) Day4: Day tour to Ocean Park (3700 INR per person) OR Day4:Read More →

Dubai trip – 5 nights and 6 days For Indian Citizen, one can apply visa online if stay is less than 96 hours in Dubai or offline if you want to stay more. For all the attractions below you can find good deals on Groupon. For hotels check-out IBIS budget hotels Detailed Iternary Day1: If you reach after 2pm in Dubai, check-in to Hotel and relax. If you reach early check-in to hotel and visit Dubai Mall to enjoy Aquarium and Dubai Fountains in the evening. Day2: Take a Dubai City tour in the morning and in afternoon take Desert Safari with Dune Bashing and BBQ dinnerRead More →

EDIT is a text editing program. A text editor is a tool that lets you use a terminal to write documents and store them on the computer. Used to create, retrieve and modify a text document on Tandem computers. Features of EDIT: Create the EDIT file that will contain your document. Add text to and delete text from the EDIT file. Correct typing errors. Read through the text in the EDIT file. Modify text in your file. Move text from one place to another in your file. Break, lengthen, and shorten lines. Insert text from another document into your file. Copy your text into anotherRead More →

This subsystem forms an interface between Application programs and print device of the system. The default name of the spooler program is $SYSTEM.SYSTEM.CSPOOL. Features of Spooler Subsystem are: Continuous Operation. Flexible Routing. Components of Spooler are: Spooler supervisor – Monitors and communicates with other programs. Collectors – Accepts output from applications and store it on disk. Spoolcom – Command utility for spooler used for monitoring and controlling the spooler subsystem. Peruse – It’s a means for monitoring and changing jobs. Font – To create FONTS. FASTP – Default Print process released with Spooler. Print Processes – Retrieve the output stored on the disk and printRead More →

FUP is an utility program for Tandem which is used to manage disk files and non disk devices like printers, terminals and tapedrives. FUP can be interactively started by entering command FUP on TACL prompt. There are lot of FUP commands which are self explanatory by checking help in FUP. Some of the Basic Commnds: CREATE – File Creation. ALTER – Modifying file attributes. COPY – Copies file. DUP – Duplicates file. PURGE – Purges the file. PURGEDATA – purges the data from the file. INFO – Gives the information about the file. SECURE – Changes the security, R, W, E , P. LISTOPENS –Read More →

Enscribe is one of the database for HP Non Stop Tandem, it is a file system database which has. High Level Access to Database. Ensures Data Integrity. Partitioned Files. Five disk file structures. Transaction auditing through TMF. Some of the features & terminology used for Ensribe file systems: File – Collection of records. Format 1 and Format 2 – It’s a static attribute and is established when the file is created. If the size of the file is less then 2GB-1MB then its format 1 file else Format 2 file. Cache buffering. Record locking and file locking. Sector – The smallest unit of disk I/O.Read More →

The NonStop SQL/MP relational database management system combines the standard features of a relational database with additional features that provide data integrity,high availability, high performance, and excellent scalability. NonStop SQL/MP is specifically designed for large data processing environments that maintain a variety of applications performing critical business tasks. RDBS Relational Data Base Management System. Used for storage and retrieval of data. Data can be treated as 2-dimensional tables “Relations”. Data can be combined from multiple tables. Complex data access can be achieved using only a single command. SQLCI NonStop SQL/MP Conversational Interface Command. SQLCI [/ [IN <in-file>] [, OUT <list-file>] , [, NOWAIT] [, <run-option>]Read More →

Enform is a part of ENCOMPASS Distributed Data Base Management System. It is primarily used to retrieve data from Enscribe database, perform calculations, sort and group the retrieved database. Enform can return the data in form of a file, on the screen or to the spooler. Important terms: Database – It consists of the physical files which actually contains the data on which one needs to perform query. Dictionary – It is a collection of description of the structure of each record in the database. Enform accesses the dictionary obtains information about the record descriptions and stores that information in the internal table of theRead More →