EDIT is a text editing program. A text editor is a tool that lets you use a terminal to write documents and store them on the computer.

Used to create, retrieve and modify a text document on Tandem computers.

Features of EDIT:

  • Create the EDIT file that will contain your document.

  • Add text to and delete text from the EDIT file.

  • Correct typing errors.

  • Read through the text in the EDIT file.

  • Modify text in your file.

  • Move text from one place to another in your file.

  • Break, lengthen, and shorten lines.

  • Insert text from another document into your file.

  • Copy your text into another EDIT file.

  • Renumber part or all of the lines in your file.

  • Search for a specific text string.

  • Start TEDIT.

  • Make global changes to the text.

  • View a listing of your files.

Basic File Operation

  • Creating a file: TACL> EDIT {file1}.

  • Closing a file: Type “exit” on command prompt of EDIT.


  • A full screen (or block mode) editor.

  • Used to create, retrieve and modify a text document on Tandem computer.

  • Finding and replacing text.

  • Cut/Copy/Paste operations.

  • Editing two files concurrently.

  • Customization of function keys for common commands.

  • Creating a file: TACL> TEDIT {file1}.

  • Closing a file: Press F1 key, a highlighted command prompt will appear Type EX, to save and exit from the file. TEDIT always saves the file before the exit operation. Closing without saving is not possible.

  • Opening an existing file in read mode: TEDIT {file1} R.

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