Inspect is an interactive symbolic debugger that enables you to isolate program bugs quickly.

It is a tool for debugging programs on Tandem Systems like C, C++, SCOBOL, TAL etc.

Inspect has three command modes:

  • High-Level Mode – Provides source level access to your program.

  • Low-Level Mode – Provides machine level access.

  • Automatic command mode selection.

Note: SCOBOL program can be debugged in high level mode only.

Inspect components:

  • The inspect process – Provides the terminal interface to Inspect.

  • The IMON process pair – Monitors the operation of Inspect for an entire system. There is one IMON process pair for each system.

  • The DMON process – Provides the execution control facilities of Insepct. One DMON process for each CPU within a system.




gtacl -p inspect
run -debug -inspect=on program

Whenever execution of program suspends, Inspect automatically selects its command mode , depensing on the symbol information, if symbol information are found it enters high level mode else low level mode. Once inspect has made its selection, you can switch to the other command mode, using HIGH and LOW commands in Inspect

Now, Once you have entered the Inspect and selected the mode, you can give the commands like files, which will diplay all the files opened by the program til the current execution state or all the files opened before it suspended with their error numbers.

The Inspect Process An Inspect process provides the terminal interface through which you interact with the Inspect debugger.

The other functions of an Inspect process include:

  • Retrieving source code from source files.

  • Retrieving machine code from program files.

  • Retrieving symbol information from program files.

  • Communicating with DMON, making execution control and program data requests.

IMON starts an Inspect process on the home terminal of a process for which a debugging event occurs or on which a debug request is issued, or if you enter the command interpreter Inspect command. Note that IMON does not start Inspect, if you enter the command interpreter Inspect command, for example RUN INSPECT and INSPECT.

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