EDIT is a text editing program. A text editor is a tool that lets you use a terminal to write documents and store them on the computer. Used to create, retrieve and modify a text document on Tandem computers. Features of EDIT: Create the EDIT file that will contain your document. Add text to and delete text from the EDIT file. Correct typing errors. Read through the text in the EDIT file. Modify text in your file. Move text from one place to another in your file. Break, lengthen, and shorten lines. Insert text from another document into your file. Copy your text into anotherRead More →

Enform is a part of ENCOMPASS Distributed Data Base Management System. It is primarily used to retrieve data from Enscribe database, perform calculations, sort and group the retrieved database. Enform can return the data in form of a file, on the screen or to the spooler. Important terms: Database – It consists of the physical files which actually contains the data on which one needs to perform query. Dictionary – It is a collection of description of the structure of each record in the database. Enform accesses the dictionary obtains information about the record descriptions and stores that information in the internal table of theRead More →

COBOL is an acronym which stands for Common Business Oriented Language. Structure of COBOL Program. Program Divisions Sections – Block of code made up of one more paragraphs. Paragraphs – Block of code made up of one or more sentences. Sentences – Consists of one or more statements and is terminated by full stop. Statements – Consists of COBOL verb and an operand or operands. Words – Reserved, User Defined, Literals, Data Names. There are four divisions in COBOL: IDENTIFICATION DIVISION – Identifies Program Program-ID. <name>. ENVIRONMENT DIVISION – Define computer used, defines files Configuration Section. Source-Computer. T16. Object-Computer. T16. Input-Output Section. File-Control SELECT INFILERead More →

TAL is a high level language that works efficiently with TANDEM NSK hardware to provide OPTIMAL OBJECT PROGRAM performance. Features of TAL: Procedures / Sub procedures / Functions Private data area Recursion Parameters Data types Data sets NonStop process pair programming Pointers Data operations Bit operations Standard functions Compiler Directives Modular Programming Mixed language programming Embedded SQLRead More →

TACL is the standard command interface to the TANDEM nonstop Kernel .In addition of providing the command interface facility; TACL is a high level programming language. TACL consists of commands, built-in-variables and built-in functions. Command is used for interactive work. Built-in functions is used for programmatic work and Built-in variables are used to store environmental information. As a programming language TACL is used to automate system startup and shutdown procedures, run utilities, control subsystem operation, communicates with EMS (event management service). TACL MAIN FEATURES System Access & Information. File Handling. Utility Execution. Built-In Functions. TACL Commands. TACL Variables. Process Execution. TACL MACROS Macro is aRead More →