Inspect is an interactive symbolic debugger that enables you to isolate program bugs quickly. It is a tool for debugging programs on Tandem Systems like C, C++, SCOBOL, TAL etc. Inspect has three command modes: High-Level Mode – Provides source level access to your program. Low-Level Mode – Provides machine level access. Automatic command mode selection. Note: SCOBOL program can be debugged in high level mode only. Inspect components: The inspect process – Provides the terminal interface to Inspect. The IMON process pair – Monitors the operation of Inspect for an entire system. There is one IMON process pair for each system. The DMON processRead More →

PATHWAY is an application manager. It is a basic environment required to run an application manager. This environment that is made up of the following components: PATHMON: Central controlling process for operations within the pathway or a supervising process that manages all other processes running in a PATHWAY system. PATHCOM: Command Interface to PATHMON process. TCP (Terminal Control Process): Allows requesters to interact with servers. Executes the SCOBOL program in your application and co-ordinate communication between screen programs, I/O devices or processes, Server Processes and PATHMON processes. REQUESTERS: Client, one which sends the request to server for any information. SERVERS: Takes request from Requesters, theseRead More →